How to control healthcare construction costs


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How to control healthcare construction costs

Understandably, financial considerations are the first things that come to mind when building something. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare design and the many variables that come along with it.

Certain steps that can be taken to ensure that you’re not going over your budget include:

Hire a fitout company: The most important thing you can do is hire a healthcare design company who will be able to take care of the construction process from beginning to end. At Levitch Design Australia, we have full construction capability and have constructed and designed dental clinics and medical practices Australia-wide for over 25 years. Hiring one company to do it all can save the hassle of hiring different people for different stages of the construction.

Carry out an extensive risk assessment: During the planning process, an extensive risk assessment must be undertaken by the owner, architect and builders to identify any potential risks that may emerge during the construction phase.

Finalise the design before construction: A detailed plan, and drawings of the final design should be drawn up and a rough tape outline should be laid out on the floor so the layout can be visualised. Everybody should be on the same page before construction commences so there are no regrets or mistakes made.

Virtual Reality: Levitch Design Australia has invested in Virtual Reality technology to improve the experience for our clients in the visualisation of their future healthcare environment. With the use of state of the art software, the design team can create a “virtual reality” tour of a clients’ practice in the planning phase, long before the practice is costed up. This provides our clients and our team valuable insights into how the practice will look, feel and flow.

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