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11100_LDA_Dentistry-on-Unley_020813_mdphotoArchitectural design to the Healthcare Industry, Australia-wide

LDA was the first architectural firm to provide professional design services to the dental industry.

They are unmatched in the dozens of creative innovations they have brought to the industry, in fact it can be claimed that they have changed the way the profession presents itself to the general public.

For over 25 years they have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading lights of the profession. The collaborations have resulted in modern practices that look and feel vastly different today to the walk up, dim, frightening, cramped surgeries of the last century.

In addition to an award winning design reputation, LDA has extended its range of services to include full construction capability. To be able to design and build anywhere is Australia and New Zealand is a facility that many practitioners have requested. Over the past 25 years LDA has worked with hundreds of practitioners Australia-wide.

To mark the reality of this capability, LDA has officially changed its name from Levitch Design Associates to Levitch Design Australia. A small but significant realignment.

Every time I walk through the surgery I feel happy that I asked you to do the design! (Dr Mark Casiglia)
Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true … creating a vibrant, energetic, fun & functional working environment. We actually now look forward to coming to work everyday!
Dr Mala Desai + Dilip Kotecha