What we do

We take your vision, add our expertise, and turn it into reality

It sounds simple, but change can be challenging and at times overwhelming. Our approach is to break the process down into simple steps that can then be used to take the project from concept to completion.

The process starts by finding, or modifying an appropriate location or building. Deciding on a suitable location requires knowledge of zoning, size, costs and access. We have expertise in all these areas and can assist with the crucial decisions that need to be made long before design work is commenced.

Once a site has been found, or existing premises deemed appropriate for refurbishment, we ask you to complete a detailed Design Questionnaire. As we custom design each practice we need to know all the general and unique aspects of your practice. From your location, type of practice, staffing mix, patient demographics to your equipment choices and service providers.

From there, we can confidently proceed to deliver a total practice presentation, ensuring all aspects of the practice image are consistent with the nature of the healthcare facility and the range of services offered to the targeted patient.

It’s surprising how patients have responded to the design … they can’t put their finger on what makes it so good.
(Dr Thomas Vo)
Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true … creating a vibrant, energetic, fun & functional working environment. We actually now look forward to coming to work everyday!
Dr Mala Desai + Dilip Kotecha