Style Guide 02 – 2010

Q: “I’m looking to relocate my surgery, and have found space that would otherwise be suitable, however it is on the lower ground level and lacks the natural light I would like. Is there any way this can be addressed?”

A: Lighting is an essential component of the aesthetic appeal of any practice. Just as the finishes within a practice must be carefully chosen to create your desired effect, lighting levels, and the types of lighting used must also be given considerable thought.

Q: I’m looking to refresh my branding. I have appointed a designer to create my new visual identity, but I can’t brief them as I’m not sure what I want. Can you give me some guidance as to how to approach this?

A: Your brand is a visual representation of you and your practice. It tells your story. As such, for your designer to be able to create this ‘story’, the best starting place is to cover the core elements which also happen to be the essential elements of any good piece of journalism – who, what, when, where, why and how.

Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true … creating a vibrant, energetic, fun & functional working environment. We actually now look forward to coming to work everyday!
Dr Mala Desai + Dilip Kotecha