Style Guide 01 – 2010

Q: “I am in the process of designing my new surgery and it was suggested I also update my branding at the same time. Is there any benefit in looking at my branding at this stage?”

A: If you have made the decision to refresh the look of your surgery, either by moving to new premises or by refurbishing your existing surgery, now is a great time to reconsider your branding strategy and whether it is effective in conveying the correct message to your patients.

Q: “Our practice is in dire need of a facelift, however we only have three years left on our lease, and don’t want to undertake a complete refurbishment. Do you have any advice for freshening up our practice on a budget?”

A: This is a commonly asked question, and there are some relatively simple, cost effective options for refreshing your practice that can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. Affordable options include…

Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true … creating a vibrant, energetic, fun & functional working environment. We actually now look forward to coming to work everyday!
Dr Mala Desai + Dilip Kotecha