Part 1 – Why we Hate Advertising

Marketing is a dirty word to most professionals. And for good reason, as we contend that we have done without it for centuries! In some ways, we are defined by our distaste for self-promotion. Oral-B’s famous ‘Rob the Dentist’ in the TV ad is a manifestation of the classic faceless dentist. In the ad, he balances on the fine line of promoting Preventative Oral Health without sliding into any of that nasty self-aggrandisement. The ad confuses the public, but gets a reluctant nod from the profession. Reluctant? Well, we all know that no company should be selling a lowly product using the credibility of the dental profession as a marketing tool. Our credibility is too valuable to be trifled with, especially in the flogging of toothbrushes.

Thank you all so much for making our dreams come true … creating a vibrant, energetic, fun & functional working environment. We actually now look forward to coming to work everyday!
Dr Mala Desai + Dilip Kotecha