Part 13 – Design and Construction

Design & Construct, is a popular option as the contract price is fixed and the builder takes on some of the risk of any price increase.
12th February 2013

Part 12 – Time to Build

This article is about the final stage of a project - construction, this where the bulk of the budget is spent and dramatic changes occur.
12th October 2012

Part 11 – Project Stages

You have secured your property, council approval seems just a formality and the bank is about to deliver big money to your door. What happens next?
12th August 2012

Part 10 – Council Approvals

Councils have a notorious reputation and it is only natural to want to ignore them. We are often asked, “Why do I need council approval?"
13th June 2012

Part 9 – Commercial Risk

This series is all about understanding how to understand the risks in opening a new practice or expanding an existing one.
13th April 2012

Part 8 – The Big Picture for Your Practice

Let’s assume you have now bought your strata unit or rented your tenancy - you now need to put together ‘the big picture’ for setting up a dental practice.
13th February 2012

Part 7 – Budget Your Rent

Having established what a building may cost, the next step is to establish what the practice can afford to pay in rent.
13th November 2011

Part 5 – Put on your developer’s hat

The commercial property market follows a cycle different to the residential property market. It is more of a 12-year cycle and is dominated by the CBD in each city.
13th August 2011

Part 4 – Financial Feasibility

The big question is what is your project going to cost and what can your practice afford to support?
13th June 2011

Part 3 – Evaluating The Right Site

In the hands of a creative professional, the limitations often provide incredible opportunities.
13th April 2011

Part 2 – Talking The Talk

Understanding the terms, processes and industry norms will enable you to get the best out of any architect, draftsman, designer and builder who you choose you engage.
13th February 2011

Part 1 – Why Do It?

A dream many practitioners have is to practice in premises they own. And owning your own practice allows you to control your image.
13th November 2010
Very helpful and professional through out the process. The support we received after fit out completion was fantastic, we requested a few minor adjustments after installation and no request was too hard. Excellent communication, would happily recommend to anyone.read more
Excellent attitude and quality service. It is increasingly rare for the leadership/ management team as a whole, of a company, to take personal care and deliver in a timely manner. Everybody is impressively polite, and I have zero hesitation in recommending Levitch Design Australia.read more
Australian Skincare
Australian Skincare
20:11 17 Jul 18
designs are beautiful, talk to Dean Arnot if you want to build with Levitch, he is very quick to respond to your calls and very thoroughread more
Eunice Park
Eunice Park
11:43 13 Nov 17
The entire team at Levitch Design are very professional and easy to work with. I am very pleased with how our dental practice looks. From the start they were informative and always helpful, going out of their way to make sure the final design and plan was what we envisioned. I would highly recommend Levitch Design to anyone !read more
Karan S Baran
Karan S Baran
06:39 27 Oct 17
I engaged Levitch Design Australia for the renovation, rebranding and marketing of my Dental Practice, and from start to finsih I was very impressed with their professionalism. I didn't realise initially that they would be able to oversee all aspects of the project, and having them do this allowed for a seamless integration of the vision across all parties. They were professional, creative, addressed any concern thoroughly and in a timely manner, and were a pleasure to deal with. Since completion, the feedback from patients has been extremely positive, and we have noticed an increase in revenue as a result. I would highly recommend Levitch Design Australia.read more
Alistair Graham
Alistair Graham
06:03 05 Jul 17


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